Falling In Two Dimensions with NetLogo

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An old question is physics is, how does a bullet falling from someone’s had behave differently than one being fired from a gun? Another way to word it is “If one bullet is fired, and another is dropped, both at the same time, which hits the ground first?

Use the video below to answer the question.

We’re going to look more closely at the motion of something moving. The video below has tape marks every 10 cm. Use the video to gather data about the trajectory of the ball as it falls. It is in 8x slow motion, so each 8 seconds passed on the video equates to 1 second in reality.

Please use either Excel or Google Sheets to graph the data you gathered.

Next we're going to use a programming language called NetLogo to edit a bad computer model to fit the data that we gathered.

The model below is of the motion of the ball in freefall. Please edit it to better fit our experimental data.