Drawing With JavaScript

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JavaScript is the programming language of the web. In honor of Computer Science Education Week we have a challenge: Try using JavaScript to draw picture. The best drawing wins candy. The sample page can be found here:

Falling From Space

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Today we're going to deal with a lot of data about falling. It was gathered Felix Baumgartener fell from space to earth. On the screen will be lots of data to help us understand what was happening during this. Don’t … Continued

Moon Shot

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For a rocket to make it into space it must have something called escape velocity. Adjust the angle and initial velocity of the projectile and see how the range is affected.

Color Coding

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Colors on TVs, Monitors and many other devices are produced by a mixture of red, green, and blue colors of light.  Each of them has 256 levels of intensity (8 bit).  That means the each have a value between 0 … Continued

Ideal Gas Simulation

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Gases are too small to see molecule by molecule.  They are a perfect example of the challenge of chemistry.  In teaching chemistry I try to make the invisible visible.  The kinetic molecular model is an example of this.  The way … Continued


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This year some of my students went to the Lawrence Livermore Lab which did the research to discover Livermorium.  Another element has recently been discovered.  Learn more about it with this lesson.

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