Falling From Space

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Today we're going to deal with a lot of data about falling.

It was gathered Felix Baumgartener fell from space to earth. On the screen will be lots of data to help us understand what was happening during this. Don’t watch the whole video, just see the first 15 seconds or so and observe what the data is telling us.

On a seperate sheet of paper please answer the included questions.
1. What is happening to the altitude?

2. What is happening to his velocity?

3. Calculate his velocity at 3 points in the fall? Show your work. Either capture amplitude data and time data, or calculate the conversion from km/hr.

4. What is his acceleration? Use the velocities from question 3. Graph this (velocity is dependent variable; time is dependent) and find the slope of that graph. (Use Excel or Google Sheets.)

5. Given his initial height and our data, how long should it take him to reach the height at which he releases the parachute (2600 m)? Edit the computer model below to find the time.

6. If your model is not exactly correct, theorize factors that it might have taken into account for.

7. What happens to his velocity after the parachute is released and why?