Everything can be improved with a little additional technology.  (Yeah, some things can get ruined as well, but we'll avoid that.)  Since teachers open the world up to our students and that world is increasingly digital, it is a great thing for teachers to know some computer programming.  Computer programming is a mixture of math, science and a foreign language.  It is one of the hardest and most fun things you will ever do (like teaching.)  This course will introduce you to a lot of skills while spiraling in major topics within computer science.  It will also discuss some strategies for bringing these skills to your students.  I am so thrilled you are in the class.  Lets get started.

Our world is full of consumer electronics.  They are legendary: the focus of IPO's, Expos, News Articles, and Businesses.  Students can make their own devices with Raspberry Pi.  In this course, students will learn to control a Pi with Scratch and then with Python.  Students will go home with a small and simple, yet functional game of their own design that runs on thier Pi (cost included in course).  Students will also learn about the Linux shell and electronics.

Scratch is an educational programming language that can let coders do big things.  Students will be using Scratch and Makey Makey to build and design exciting projects.  Our focus will be on game design.

This is a course for junior high students offered at the county office of education summer 2015.