These are courses that Mr. Callahan teaches at Merrill F. West High School.

Wolf Hack runs the house.  Our engineers can trounce any other school's students.  These are our resources to make that happen.

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Welcome to Honors Chemistry.  You are in for a lot of hard work and a lot of fun.  The course is designed to be challenging and enlightening.  The course is designed to make visible the hidden workings of all the matter that makes up our universe.  We'll make lots of computer models.  We'll have lots of competitions.  We'll have creative extra credit assignments.  Your work starts, however, this summer, studying the math governs chemistry.

Just to make sure we start on time with AP Chemistry I want you to have an account already on our Moodle Server.  You will be unenrolled from the summer assignment and enrolled in the full course when school starts.

AP Chemistry is designed for and intended to train students to beat the AP Exam for Chemistry with a score of 5.  "ON MAY 2 THE TEST IS THROUGH!"  We'll have exciting demos, amazing labs, short projects, and lots of practice problems.

Honors Chemistry is a challenging and fun Chemistry class taught at West High School.  Students learn about chemistry, its applications, research and technology.

AP Chem is a class where the secrets of what makes up the universe is explained.  The goal of the class is to get a 5 on the AP Exam